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Empowering transformation through credible leadership

About Us

Global Leadership International is a non-profit organization providing leadership training in emerging and developing countries around the world with particular focus on Central Asia.  The organization's marquee event is its Global Leadership Institute conducted in Kabul, Afghanistan.  The Institute's curriculum is developed by leaders from a variety of contexts and focuses on competencies essential for effective leadership.  Its structure is a one-academic-year capacity-building program offering approximately 200 contact hours of instruction with professors in the best principles and practices of leadership.

Core Values

The Global Leadership Institute is a one-academic-year capacity-building program offering up to 200+ hours of instruction in the best principles and practices of leadership. GLI classes normally meet on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. All classes utilize a variety of lecture, discussion, activities, projects, and multi-media, as well as opportunities for reflection and practical application.


  • Personal Development (Habits) or Aspects of Self-Leadership
  • Philosophical Development (Mind) or Paradigmatic Aspects of Leadership
  • Relational Development (Heart) or Relational Aspects of Leadership
  • Professional (Hands) or Community and Organizational Aspects of Leadership

More Information

For more information regarding Global Leadership Institute please use the
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Global Leadership Institute
Mahtab Qala, Kabul
Office Manager: Barakatullah Fayazi
Email: fayazi@globalleadershipinternational.org
Phone: (079) 426-9581

Our vision is to serve the health of your organization and enable you to develop a stronger market presence. How can we best serve you? Let us sit down and discuss your business. If we can offer helpful counsel, great. If not, our initial counsel will have no charge. For more information regarding Emerging Leaders Consultants, please use the contact information below:


Instructors serve as role models, coaches, mentors, catalysts, and facilitators to create an interactive learning environment, which promotes trust, transparency and transformation. Some team members are involved in specialized coaching or one-on-one mentoring to further connect, inspire, and equip GLI students with essential leadership skills and life-giving values. 


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Global Leadership International Inc., is a non-profit educational organization incorporated in South Carolina.  It has 501(c)(3) status from the IRS and all donations are fully tax deductible.  The board members and administration of Global Leadership International receive no compensation, thus 100% of all net donations go to program operations. 

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